I’m Back

Paul and I took some time off last year… He went back to work in Sedona and I took some time off.  This year I decided to get back into photography and have had a lot of fun buying and playing with new lenses.. I’ve also had the opportunity to do some family sessions with past wedding clients which is my favorite part of Photography.  I’ve done one and scheduled a few more weddings so I’m slowly getting back into the groove.

So as not to get too crazy busy, I’m keeping it to only 1 or 2 weddings a month and none in the summer (in AZ)… Of course part of the trick is new business is slow coming in…

Tomorrow my great friend Julee and I are headed out to Boyce Thompson for a wedding. Beautiful setting and beautiful couple.. I’m sure getting excited.


a February Wedding


Paul and I were honored to play a small role in the wedding of a beautiful couple in Phoenix. The wedding was at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix and I can not possibly rate it high enough. The staff was beyond polite, professional and helpful; the food incredible and the venue beautiful.

Robert and Smitta are a beautiful delightful couple.  Very special couple.


We did the engagement session at their home. It worked out very well; the couple were very relaxed; much more so than at a crowded public venue.

Wedding-185 Wedding-253 Wedding-390

Another Special Shoot

Over two years ago, I did an engagement shoot for a wonderful couple. They were fun, spontaneous and came to the shoot with a lot of great ideas.. AND a spoiled and much loved Bull Dog..


We included Buddy in their engagement shoot.

Jeff and Ryan Wedding-477

Jeff and Ryan on their wedding Day.. A beautiful couple and a wonderful wedding.

Scarlett Maybel 1-123

Earlier this month, they welcomed little S into their lives.. She’s a beauty

Scarlett Maybel 1-188

Buddy keeping watch.. This wasn’t the best picture, since little S was trying to eat the blanket; but it’s one of my favorites from the shoot this week..


Buddy.. You rock..


I’ve mentioned before that my favorite part of our work is reuniting with our clients year after year and often being in touch with our couples after their wedding, as parents..

Life is good!

Fall 2013 Family Sessions….. OR…. Christmas and New Year Family specials


Ashlee Peydon and Seth.. One of my favorite families. Seth found this beautiful location not far from Surprise on Bell. There we were, in the middle of the desert, in the City, on a beautiful morning, early in December. These guys are Cardinal Fans, as am I and all were dressed quite appropriately. 🙂

Early this Fall we decided to do more family sessions.  We’re lucky to have clients who’ve become like family and we’ve gone from Engagement to Wedding to Family sessions with them.  Here are few sessions we’ve enjoyed since October


I met Ashlee and Seth several years ago, when we met to discuss her wedding photography. I absolutely LOVE that I still know them ; and that they’ve had a son who took them from “a couple” to a family. Peydon, is all boy and so much fun to photograph.


We take a lot of “formal” photos during our family sessions; but what I really enjoy is getting photos of our families “making memories”. Ashlee and Seth weren’t posing; they were really playing with Peydon.



Seth’s love of this area was wonderful to see. These guys are Natives of the Phoenix Valley, still a fairly rare site here.




This Picture of Ashlee and Seth brings back some memories.



A year ago we did engagement and wedding photos for Max and Jessica.  They are a great couple. This fall, before they welcomed their adorable little girl into the world, we met and did a maternity session.



DJ & Ashley are another favorite couple. They coincidentally are best friends with Ashlee and Seth. I had the privilege of doing their engagement session, wedding session and now get to see them and that beautiful little girl you see here.. Brooklynne. Her Grin will light up a page, a room or the location we shot these photos .. The same place we did their engagement session several years ago.

Wedding Post Ceremony-211

DJ & Ahsley’s wedding 🙂

Ashley and DJ Engagement-579

DJ and Ashley love golf, we worked golfing into their engagement Session.


I’m pretty sure Brooklynne has her Daddy AND Mommy wrapped around her little fingers.. I know she has me wrapped around them. 🙂

PreWedding-493 Heying-161
Heying-123 Heying-103



Last year we did a session with Lettie and her husband and I was delighted to get a call from her regarding our Christmas Photo Special. We met her parents, and Sister with her family.. We did a lot of different family groupings during this session. Which I love doing..

Family-398 Family-278 Family-343 Family-194

Thanks for taking the time to stop by our blog today.   I’m loving the Couples into Families that we’ve been able to do.   Merry Christmas to you and your families.  And.. It’s not to late to give us a call for your own family session.  Visit our Website at http://www.flockenphotography.com or contact us at bettyjf1@mac.com

Paul and Betty

Spring and Summer 2013


Heather and Shawn’s Engagement Session

We’ve been pretty busy this last Spring and Summer.  Now we’re getting ready for a wedding in Sedona this weekend and looking forward to our busy upcoming Fall and Winter Season.  We’ve met a lot of wonderful people and we’re looking forward to their weddings.

Heather and Shawn's Engagement Session. Their wedding is in November. A great couple. We're looking forward to their wedding


Makayla has decided she wants to be a model or actress.. We spent some time together in our backyard in July working on “head shots”… This isn’t something I ordinarily do, so we just had fun practicing. She’s my Grand Daughter and I am very proud of her.



Lewis 4-175

Kip and Coleen are a very special couple. They’ve known each other 16 years. This wedding was a very special and happy occasion for everyone.

Lewis 3-190

Lewis 3-270

Haak 3-175

Mark and Porscha were married in early July.. My favorite kind of wedding; small intimate and an incredibly happy occasion

Haak 3-318

Haak 3-272

A break between pictures with her mom

Haak 3-274

Caught by surprise, Porsche was looking across the venue at her new husband. Glad I got this candid.. It matches the mood of the ceremony and day completely.

Haak 3-421

We took advantage of a setting sun. Mark and Porsche were married up in Cave Creek so our views were incredible.

Lettie & Alex-454

Lettie and Alex have been married 5 years and wanted some couple photos to use at their anniversary party. Alex isn’t really “into having his picture taken” but was a great sport.  I had a lot of fun with them in Scottsdale this summer.

Lettie & Alex-475 Lettie & Alex-384 Lettie & Alex-271

Bradshaw 1-328

The new Mr & Mrs Bradshaw were married at a beautiful restaurant high above the city of Phoenix. A small intimate ceremony, fill with love, laughter and joy.. in May

Bradshaw 1-365

Bradshaw 3-137

Bradshaw 4-368

Bradshaw 4-429

Stimpert 2-192

Berry and MJ became clients a couple of years ago. They postponed their wedding a year and in that time they became close friends. I plan on being friends with these guys forever.

Stimpert 1-346
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A Busy 2013

Martinez 1-152

This bride and the wedding venue was especially beautiful. So many times the “dressing/waiting” area isn’t very good for photos. This was an old Victorian house and the perfect place for the bride to get a quick peek of her guests arriving.


Brooklynne is a beautiful two year old. Her little whimsical grin literally captivated me. We became “kinda friends” during our session.

Myer 2-308

Carmen and Matt are a great couple. They had their wedding in their back yard (which happened to be only a couple of blocks from us). They’re a beautiful family. They came up with this idea for a “pre-Wedding” photo while not seeing each other before the wedding.

Myer 5-458

Myer 5-263

Max & Jessica Traditional -525

Matt & Jessica had two weddings! Friday night was their traditional wedding (they’re from Congo). Wonderful family; we had a lot of fun at both weddings.

Max & Jessica Traditional -454

Max & Jessica 3-224

Drake 1-335

Shelby and Mike were married in March; They had a beautiful celebration and lots of ideas for photo shots.

Drake 1-301Actually, a lot of these  photos are from December and January.


I loved this couple, their wedding was in December near Downtown Mesa. They did the “first look” and we got a lot of photos before the wedding near the Mesa Arts building.


PreWedding-115 Getting Ready-187 Martinez 3-323 Martinez 3-233

Wehrman 2-375

Another beautiful venue for a another beautiful couple. Alex and Dustin was our first 2013 couple. We’ve done a couple of weddings for this extended family and really enjoyed the party and spending time with this great family while capturing every moment of this special family occasion.

Wehrman 2-263Wehrman 4-389 Wehrman 3-269

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More autumn weddings


Leena and her bridesmaids

We had a great Autumn and Winter so far, which includes our daughter’s wedding to a most wonderful man.

Here’s some of our more recent adventures

Dereck's dad surprised him the morning of his wedding

Dereck’s dad surprised him the morning of his wedding


Several of our couples are starting to go with “The First Look”. They have their first look before the wedding and makes (I think) for a more special first look and gives them a few minutes to savor the moment.

PreWedding -849

Leena had lots of ideas for the photos and poses she wanted. We like our clients to have a very good idea of what they want to memorialize their most special day.

Wedding Ceremony-146

Dereck had his own style of walking up the isle.

PreWedding-647 Wedding Ceremony-342 Wedding Ceremony-359

Pre Wedding 100-219

We enjoy taking lots of photos of all things wedding; Shoes, Flowers, Rings..

Pre Wedding 100-234

Ruth and Scott were a great couple; lots of fun to work with. They had a reception geared to the fun for their guests. Great Party

Wedding Ceremony-282

Just at Sunset

Wedding Post Ceremony-216

I loved the joy they celebrated that day

Wedding Post Ceremony-243

The venue was beautiful

Wedding Reception-217

First Dance

Wedding Reception-227

I like getting in close for close ups during this most special moment between them as they dance their first of many dances together.

Pre Wedding-216

Michael and Michelle had a beautiful wedding. No one expected rain in November, in AZ but there we were 🙂 Most of the after ceremony photos had to be taken in the reception site.

Pre Wedding-273

Red is a beautiful color for weddings and makes for (I think) beautiful photos.

Wedding ceremony-165

Dad walks his youngest daughter down the isle.

Wedding ceremony-241

It was getting colder

Wedding Post Ceremony-199

Mom takes a moment with one of her sons after the ceremony

Wedding Post Ceremony-409

One of our favorite poses is for the bride and groom to take a moment to look at their ring.. The symbol of all the great days ahead.

Pre Wedding-187

Molly and Randy had a beautiful ceremony with a small close knit family reception.

Pre Wedding-249

Many of our couples have a preference for black and white images.

Pre Wedding-259

Many times I like to pose our clients without them paying any attention to me. Our clients are very good natured about my requests to pose this way and pretend we’re not here!

Pre Wedding-281

Another Groom willing to spend a moment on his ring.. Such a beautiful couple.

Wedding Ceremony-218


Wedding Post Ceremony-267

Now this couple, did not want to take off their new rings. I loved it! We agreed to do this photo while he still had his ring on his finger.

Wedding Post Ceremony-323

This venue had a beautiful area for after ceremony photos.


A flower girl ponders her own future?


Brandon and Amanda decided not too long before their wedding to go with the first look. They also had lots of great ideas for poses they liked. We always encourage our clients to google wedding photos to get ideas.


Amanda was a beautiful bride.


Their videographer asked them to walk over by the water; we took the opportunity to catch a few candid photos of them.


We had a fun wedding party who posed for all the different types of poses we came up with, with good nature.


A pose many of our brides enjoy


A beautiful couple in a beautiful location


Amanda and Brandon’s wedding was our second of three weddings for their families that we’ve enjoyed photographing.


This pose was Amanda’s idea. We later did the same pose for her brother’s wedding a month later.


Often times the groom and his groomsmen are not real comfortable having their picture taken. Brandon and his groomsmen had lots of ideas. One shot, not in this blog, was to incorporate a toy nerf gun they’d been playing with during the day.

Wedding Ceremony-216

A beautiful day for this couple

Wedding Ceremony-255

The Rings

Wedding Post Ceremony-138

These guys make it look easy 🙂

Wedding Post Ceremony-343

We’ve learned there are so many ways to take pictures of our couples’ rings. The bride had a strawberry (her late grand father’s favorite fruit) incorporated into her bouquet.

More of our autumn/winter weddings to follow.

Thanks for stopping by.

Paul and Betty